Make your sperm taste better – some ways to make it more delicious!

The taste of sperm is a question that somehow actually bothers many people. Of course, the easiest way to get an answer to this question is to try the sperm taste to learn everything. However, due to religious or other moral and ethical considerations, this method of ejaculate analyzing is not suitable for everyone. Whether a partner likes the taste of a man's sperm during oral sex depends on many factors. Nevertheless, it is believed that usually the sperm taste a bit salty and warm. In addition, this substance contains sugar; it can have a sweetish odor. If the body is healthy then the sperm should have a good taste, or at least normal. Thus, if you want make cum taste better, check your health, prevent some possible diseases, visit doctors in time, and listen to their recommendations.

Giving up the drugs is an effective way to improve the quality of sperm

There are many factors affecting cum taste connected with fertility. The first cause is some medications or antibiotics. Many of them have an activity, which negatively affects the quality of sperm and consequently male fertility. Therefore, if you are taking any medications, try to find out if they can cause infertility.

Stop eating fatty foods as the first step to the high quality of sperm

Try to keep your weight under control, avoiding excessive pounds or obesity. Unhealthy, fatty foods are considered one of the main causes of sperm deterioration. Nutrition of this type is usually poor in vitamins. That is why sperm production is becoming more poor. In addition, overweight can lead to other serious health effects, such as hypertension or increased levels of "bad" cholesterol. So if you aimed to make your sperm taste better eat only healthy food rich with vitamins and minerals.

Refuse all your bad habits that harm your body for faster sperm improvement

Limit the consumption of different types of stimulants. Alcohol and cigarettes have the same harmful effects on the body as drugs, and worsen the quality of sperm. They can also provoke deviations in the development of the child. Therefore, if you made a decision to improve the condition of your reproductive system then it is reasonable to start getting rid of your harmful habits. This should be the first movement on the way of how to make semen taste better and have it on the high quality.

Regular activity and sport exercises help to make sperm much better

Make your sperm taste better – some ways to make it more delicious!

Even several times a week it will work perfectly not only for your general health but also for your reproductive system. You will improve your physical condition and increase your body's productivity. Moreover, regular physical activities have a positive effect on the psyche. During exercise, hormones are releasing that have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.

Avoid high temperatures to keep your spermatozoon active and healthy

High temperatures are really harmful for male testicles. This has a negative effect on the viability of spermatozoa. Therefore, to have a good seed it is advised to:

  • avoid hot tubs or long-term sauna taking;
  • do not put the laptop on your lap;
  • not to wear tight underwear;
  • wear only loose panties allow the skin to breathe.