6 Super Foods for Higher Sperm Production – Best Dietary Inclusions for Men

In almost all researched cases of low sperm count, a deficiency in the levels of zinc and vitamins always prove to be a contributing factor. It is for this reason that making several nutritional changes and adjustments can prove very important in regards to sperm production.

6 super foods for sperm production

      • Asparagus – Asparagus helps fight against substances known as free radicles in the body. Free radicles are some very reactive molecules that when present in the body inhibit important process the production of sperm included.
      • Bananas – Bananas contain an enzyme known as bromelain. This is a libido booster hormone and very essential in sperm production. On top of that, bananas carry lots of vitamins.
      • Oysters – Powerhouses of zinc; although other foods such as pumpkin seeds and lobster also contain zinc, oysters have larger amounts of the mineral. Zinc is an important testosterone boosting mineral. If testosterone levels are boosted, sperm production will definitely follow suit.
      • Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate has even been said to boost libido in women. Although this claim is not well established, its effects on sperm production cannot be argued against. Dark chocolate contains loads of antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight molecules known as oxidizers, which actually attack healthy body molecules. Oxidizers for example attack testosterone leading to lower level of the hormone in the body.
      • Broccoli and spinach – These two are great sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A acts as fuel to the sperm. It gives them the energy and mobility needed to travel to a woman’s womb.
      • You can also supplement these vegetables with carrots. Carrots are also known to contain a lot of

Vitamin C

      especially when raw.
    • Garlic – Let not the strong smell associated with garlic keep you away from the goodies contained in it. Garlic contains two main compounds essential for sperm production. The first product is known as allicin. It offers protection to sperm cells and keeps them healthy. The second one is known as selenium. This one is an antioxidant to protect from free radicles.

6 Super Foods for Higher Sperm Production – Best Dietary Inclusions for Men

There are other foods that you can include in this category. Such foods such as walnuts and turkey are good examples. Basically, any food product containing vitamins, zinc and magnesium is welcome. Protein sources such as legumes should also find their way into your meals. This is not forgetting whole meal grains to keep you energetic.   Avoiding toxic substances such as alcohol, tobacco, excess of caffeine and pollutants is also advised for.