Features To Look For In Healthy Sperm – Importance of Taking Sperm Count Tests

Healthy sperm will not give you twins as some people will have you believe. They will also not prevent genetic disorders from being passed from father to child. However, healthy sperm will definitely increase the chances of a conception. They will also determine how healthy the conceived baby will be.

Features of healthy sperm

During a semen analysis test, there are several features that will determine how healthy your sperm is. Below are features:

Shape (morphology) The normal shape of healthy sperm is a head and a tail. The size is measured in micrometers;Features To Look For In Healthy Sperm – Importance of Taking Sperm Count Tests with the head measuring about 5.5 in length and 3 in width. The head is the most important part of a sperm cell. It contains the hereditary materials to be passed down to the offspring. It also functions as a powerhouse, where energy required to keep the sperm cell alive is produced. The tail is mainly to help the sperm cell swim inside semen on its journey to a woman’s fallopian tubes. Defects in the morphology of sperm cells include an oversized head or a crooked tail. Both features will make it difficult for sperm cells to swim.

Number (quantity) Sperm quantity is measured in terms of sperm cells present in a milliliter of semen. The number is set at 15 million; less of which will be termed as infertility. In spite of the fact that there are very many sperm cells even in a single ejaculation, a small number of these are healthy enough to fertilize an egg. On top of that, most of the cells will die when predisposed to the harsh conditions inside a woman’s vagina. It is a natural ‘test’ which ensures that only healthy sperms get to fertilize an egg.

Motility (movement) Sperm cells are normally supposed to swim forward, towards the fallopian tubes of a woman. It is known as motility. In a semen analysis test, at least 40% of all the present sperm cells should be moving normally.

What contributes to low quality sperm?

Infections affecting the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus can contribute to low quality sperm. The same can be contributed to by testicular infections and disorders. Disorders occurring in the transportation system and process of sperm too can reduce the quantity of viable sperm that make into the womb. As men age, motility and the quantity of sperm tend to be negatively affected. This however does not mean that older men cannot impregnate a woman.