Premature ejaculation treatment – choose the most appropriate way!

Premature ejaculation is a condition when man is unable to control the time of his seed releasing, which makes the longevity of sexual act is not prolonged enough to get full satisfaction. Ejaculation can occur immediately after the onset of sexual intercourse or before its onset. Premature ejaculation leads to sexual dissatisfaction of both sexual partners. According to statistics, 20-35% of men suffer from this dysfunction, especially at a young age. However, only a few of them come with such a complaint to the doctor.

The reasons why some males are suffering from early seed release

  • high excitability of the nervous system, sensitivity of the penis glans;
  • various injuries of the spinal cord;
  • urological diseases (prostatitis, inflammation of the seminal tubercle, etc.);
  • weakened erection;
  • psychological reasons.

Premature ejaculation treatment begins after finding out the cause of the disease. In such case, a comprehensive examination of the patient is required. The examination is conducted by a urologist or andrologist.

Useful recommendations for increasing the duration of the sexual act

In search of how to stop premature ejaculation each male has to follow some rules:

1. Try using one or 2-3 condoms at the same time to minimize the sensitivity of the penis.

2. Try to mentally to distract on extraneous things during the sexual act.

3. Learn to delay and resume urination of your own free will.

4. Try to masturbate before intercourse, especially if after the last ejaculation a considerable time has passed.

5. The most effective advice is circumcision. For many males, this increases the duration of sexual intercourse 2-3 times.

Types of early ejaculation treatment for males suffering from this disorder

1. Psychotherapeutic (the patient learns the technique of control his ejaculation).

2. Medicaments ( in case of inflammation of the prostate or seminal tubercle, increased excitability of the nervous system, increased sensitivity of the penis head, erectile dysfunction).

3. Operative (increased sensitivity of the glans penis). There are many premature ejaculation pills with the use of which you can achieve delayed ejaculation effect.

However, their use is not always possible because of the many side effects and contraindications. Meanwhile, now there are drugs that are part of the group of antidepressants, these are inhibitors of serotonin reuptake, due to which ejaculation can be inhibited without any side effects. Such drugs have efficiency that is high enough, during the usage the duration of sexual intercourse increases up to 6 times. As a negative side of their intake, you can indicate the need for a systematic visit to the psychotherapist to monitor and adjust the psycho-emotional state.